GMOs are cool.

Let me let you in on a secret⬇️
GMOs are not bad for you
& Only 10🌱⬇️

Corn is the most commonly grown crop in the United States, and most of it is GMO. Most GMO corn is created to resist insect pests or tolerate herbicides. Bacillus thuringiensis (Bt) corn is a GMO corn that produces proteins that are toxic to certain insect pests but not to humans, pets, livestock, or other animals. These are the same types of proteins that organic farmers use to control insect pests, and they do not harm other, beneficial insects such as ladybugs. GMO Bt corn reduces the need for spraying insecticides while still preventing insect damage. While a lot of GMO corn goes into processed foods and drinks, most of it is used to feed livestock, like cows, and poultry, like chickens.

Most soy grown in the United States is GMO soy. Most GMO soy is used for food for animals, predominantly poultry and livestock, and making soybean oil. It is also used as ingredients (lecithin, emulsifiers, and proteins) in processed foods.

GMO cotton was created to be resistant to bollworms and helped revive the Alabama cotton industry. GMO cotton not only provides a reliable source of cotton for the textile industry, it is also used to make cottonseed oil, which is used in packaged foods and in many restaurants for frying. GMO cottonseed meal and hulls are also used in food for animals.

Some GMO potatoes were developed to resist insect pests and disease. In addition, some GMO potato varieties have been developed to resist bruising and browning that can occur when potatoes are packaged, stored, and transported, or even cut in your kitchen. While browning does not change the quality of the potato, it often leads to food being unnecessarily thrown away because people mistakenly believe browned food is spoiled.

By the 1990s, ringspot virus disease had nearly wiped out Hawaii’s papaya crop, and in the process almost destroyed the papaya industry in Hawaii. A GMO papaya, named the Rainbow papaya, was created to resist ringspot virus. This GMO saved papaya farming on the Hawaiian Islands.

Summer Squash:
GMO summer squash is resistant to some plant viruses. Squash was one of the first GMOs on the market.

GMO canola is used mostly to make cooking oil and margarine. Canola seed meal can also be used in food for animals. Canola oil is used in many packaged foods to improve food consistency. Most GMO canola is resistant to herbicides and helps farmers to more easily control weeds in their fields.

GMO alfalfa is primarily used to feed cattle—mostly dairy cows.

A few varieties of GMO apples were developed to resist browning after being cut. This helps cut down on food waste, as many consumers think brown apples are spoiled.

Sugar Beet:
Sugar beets are used to make granulated sugar. More than half the granulated sugar packaged for grocery store shelves is made from GMO sugar beets. Because GMO sugar beets are resistant to herbicides, growing GMO sugar beets helps farmers control weeds in their fields.

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Celebrate the small wins and stop overlooking the good.

A mid harvest reminder from one tired business partner, wife and mom.

To everyone in the trenches of their harvest roles. It’s to the exhaustion point for me and im here to tell you life’s still good in the midst of these daily challenges. You aren’t alone!

Embrace the suck. And trust me, I’ve had plenty of it this week. But I’m not going to sulk in the past of yesterday or the start of today and ruin my chances of making later today or tomorrow better 

Plans change constantly in farm life. And even though it never gets easier that the farm trumps most things this time of year, my acceptance and understanding of the choices we’ve made abs how we have gotten where we are is what makes missing out of stuff a tad bit easier.


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Monday Motivation


Happy Tuesday friend, first of all I have had heck getting this sent out with harvest and rural technology so thanks for understanding it wasn’t on time. I hope today you took some time to reflect on what defeated you last week and how you can approach it differently this week. But also on what you accomplished and pat yourself on the back for that! For me, my house defeated me last week. We are in the field and the house was let go. So i knew this morning we would have time and i kid you not i did 8 loads of laundry, folded it and we family tag teamed and got it all put away. I was INTENTIONAL with my time and did what I could to put the stress of the house to rest.

My goal this week is to do 1 load a day, and to intentionally set aside 20 minutes every morning before the kids wake up to pick up a little. Another goal of mine is to move my body before heading to the field, get some blood pumping and let my body stretch from sitting all day.

What are you goals this week?? Make small attainable goals, not a list as long as your leg and unrealistic so that you feel defeated.


I am going to be very honest with you all. Harvest is a hard time to share meals plans with you from my house. We use the air fryer a ton and I also pre freeze hamburger we can just warm up and whip into something! So I will let my friends give you some amazing recipes that are delivered to fields in harvest!


Well since my eyelashes were asked about this week. Here’s my favorite mascara. Butter London is by far the best I have found!


This is my top 5 fave oil!

If you are ever interested in ordering oils, or need questions answered please feel free to email me:

I use this oil with a carrier oil (coconut oil) add drops to my palm and apply to our chests and upper back when we are sick, have bad allergies or Layton struggles with her asthma. It basically replaces vicks in our home!




How often do we get caught up in what we don’t get done, or how far we have yet to go? When we should be stopping and admiring JUST HOW FAR we have actually come. Or what we do get accomplished. This morning I was up at 5:30 moving my body, getting our house in order and ready for school and getting lunches ready. Why is it so easy to discredit these things? Well i think because they are monotonous every morning looks somewhat the same in our home and I don’t give myself the credit for all I do. So this week I want you to be proud of your self: whether that’s in your physical movement and changes, your mental growth, your role attributions in your operations or lives or just what you have made it through this far to be the person you are!

When life starts to hand you hard days, dig deep to find the good in each day and realize you can only control what you can control the rest will be what it is.

Xoxo Whit

Ask a Farmer movement.

This is a message I received today from a follower, I immediately reached out to a fellow farmer of Almonds for an answer 🔽
I got a response and was able to get her a detailed answer in minutes.

There’s always more to any story in life. This is very true for every crop grown in America Agriculture.

Farmers are resourceful and whole heartedly believe in sustainability and improving the environment, soil and the crops we grow. We look to do better every single year. Farmers find ways to turn what we have into more.

Before making any assumptions about any foods you love and enjoy (or even some you don’t like me, I’m allergic to almonds) please understand some of the info you are subject to isn’t always 100% accurate. Perfect example was a message I received today about almonds. I’m so proud this individual reached out and i could turn what was thought to be fear based reason to stop eating almonds when there was so much more behind the story of the water usage for an almond to grow!

So even though my family grows corn, wheat and sorghum: that doesn’t mean I’m not here to represent all parts of Agriculture and to find these answer for you.

So please. Ask a farmer, we are more than happy and willing to offer the real facts and more for you. Even if we don’t Farm what you have questions on I promise we all are resourceful and can find someone who can answer that for you🤟🏻

Proud to represent so many sectors of Ag.


Monday Motivation

“Your dreams are worth fighting for. And while you are not in control of what life throws you, you are in control of the fight and effort you put in.”

Hey its a new week! What a fresh slate to put whatever weighed you down at the door of this Monday. Carrying bricks from the past do nothing but weigh you down into your present and future. So today, set your bricks down and feel lighter knowing your past, your failures, your mistakes and any wrongs that have happened DO NOT define you.

Something to think about this week:

In what areas would you benefit from setting clearer boundaries? Do you over commit? Say yes to so much you feel like you are drowning? Its time to sit down and prioritize what matters most and what will make your future better. Set some boundaries this week: at work, at home, in relationships, set them. You are worthy of your time!

Weekly Meal Plan:

Sliders- My sis in law gave me this and we love it!
Cut a package of Hawaiian rolls in half. Brown your hamburger, add salt and pepper, mayo and a little BBQ sauce and some shredded cheese. Put mix on the bottom of the rolls, set the top back on and spray the top with olive oil, bake for 10 minutes at 350! YUM

Chicken Enchiladas:

Air Fryer Ch Sandy:

Chicken Wraps:

Weekly Challenge:

Forgive without an apology. A lot of times those bricks I talked about above are the heavy ones of a grudge. Reality is holding a grudge holds no one prisoner but yourself. It took me a couple years to realize this and understand I was only harming my own mental health. So this week, forgive someone without an apology, let the weight of a grudge you have held onto go. Let something go. Drop that rope. Tell someone your are sorry even if you don’t get that in return just to let that weight be lifted. Its hard to be the bigger person, but i promise from experience its very freeing to your mental health and well being.

Oil of the week: Eucalyptus

What is Eucalyptus Essential Oil Used For?

Eucalyptus Essential Oil is used for a number of health problems first and foremost. A common ingredient in natural medicines, the uses of this plant span the full gamut. The following are just a few of the illnesses, ailments, and health problems this essential oil is used to treat, soothe, and improve:


An anti-inflammatory, eucalyptus can work wonders when it comes to nasty infections. It is also an analgesic (pain killer), an antibacterial, and it is anti-infectious, meaning it has all the makings of effective medication for different types of infections that may plague the body.

Of course, eucalyptus oil should never be ingested or applied to the straight to your skin. It should be diluted with a carrier oil such as coconut oil or almond oil.

Upset Stomach

As a painkiller, diluted eucalyptus oil can be rubbed on your skin to soothe upset and sour stomachs.


 Eucalyptus oil has been known to help loosen tight coughs and clear out phlegm following a cold. As an antiviral, it works well against colds and flu.

Usually, it’s used in a diffuser or massaged into the chest.

Respiratory Tract Infections and Problems

The leaf and oil are also used to treat respiratory tract infections, asthma, pulmonary tuberculosis, and whooping cough. It can also be used as a preventative measure to maintain sinus health.


A natural astringent, eucalyptus oil is also used to treat acne and oily skin.


The clean, cooling effect of eucalyptus oil helps to soothe pain from burns and encourage healing of wounds.

Soreness and Inflammation

For sore muscles, joint pain, and arthritis, eucalyptus oil is a lifesaver. The anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties help it soothe and reduce pain. When added to a bath, it can soothe sore muscles and melt away stress, stiffness, and tenderness.


The painkilling properties in eucalyptus oil also work well with fevers and the symptoms they bring. Body aches, headache, weakness, and tenderness can be reduced and improved with the help of this essential oil.

How to Use Eucalyptus Essential Oil

Eucalyptus essential oil can be used a number of ways based on what you’re using it for.

In A Diffuser

Diffusing eucalyptus oil in an office, classroom, or in the home is a good way to improve the blood-brain connection and clear sinuses.

Diffusers are inexpensive on Amazon.

In My Laundry

Adding this oil to your bedding being washed helps eliminate allergens like dust and dander that make you stuffy. Add a few drops straight to your washer, smells great and has wonderful benefits.

As A Massage Oil

Eucalyptus essential oil is also commonly used as a massage oil.

It is great for sore muscles and relieving stress and can even help improve blood circulation to the brain, giving you the ability to think clearly and calmly.

In A Bath

Epsom Salt baths are great not only for sickness but for the magnesium it adds to your body! Add this oil to your Epsom salt bath and it makes a great combo for congestion from allergies or colds!

Things I am loving this week:

My own wax pot. Lets be real I barely have time to shower somedays let alone make an appointment to go get my eyebrows and lip waxed. So I invested in my own a couple years ago, but it’s on sale now and wanted to share with you all how easy it is to just do yourself!

I added 40 more in person tickets to my event next February! Only 25 left. would love to get to meet you in Kansas for this amazing weekend.

Also added virtual tickets for those who can’t come join the fun! Find both tickets and the lineup of speakers and amazing performer- linked below🔽

Well hope you enjoyed this weeks motivation. I pray wherever you are, in whatever season you are in: you know you loved, appreciated and give yourself some grave this week!

Xoxo Whit

Monday Motivation

Happy start to a new week!

“Your life is a garden. Your thoughts are seed, you can grow flowers or you can grow weeds.”

What a great reminder that this week our happiness is 100% our choice. We can choose to let the bricks that each day and week pile up and weigh us down or we can unload those bricks at the door each day and take on each days challenges with a perspective that they will arise but we can just face them when they come. Don’t let a bad 5 minutes ruin your entire day.

Something to think about this week: How can you be intentional in relationships in your life? Is that sending a text to a friend to just simply check in? Is that doing something a little extra for your spouse ie note in the lunchbox, favorite pop mid day delivery? Is it changing up your kids scenery for the day, like a park trip or adventure day?
Set out to be intentional this week with 1 or 2 relationships in your life and pour into them, I mean if they mean a lot to you why should we be doing these things?? Have fun with it. Tag me if you feel so inclined.



Cheeseburger Soup-

Pizza Casserole-

Loaded Grilled Cheese-

WEEKLY CHALLENGE: This week I have a challenge for you. Purge one area in your house. For me I tackled junk drawer and our medicine cabinet, made a list of what i am low on in preparation for sick season when the cold hits! Do somewhere in your home, you’ll feel less heavy!


I have been using this oil topically for some stress and emotional balance the past few weeks and notice a difference when i do not put it on!

Most oil do well on the pulse points. If you dont know what that means let me explain it a little for you! Our skin absorbs Essential Oils in about 10 minutes, they enter the blood stream, so for best results pulse points are great areas to apply diluted oils. Pulse points are are the neck (carotid artery) the wrists (radial artery and my personal favorite point to use) the groin (femoral artery, this area is used for a lot of hormonal balances) inside the elbow (brachial artery) the abdomen (abdominal artery) and lastly the feet (posterior tibial artery). Hope that helps you understand some pulse points and areas to topically apply oils a little better! Oils should most generally always be diluted when applied to the skin, my favorite is coconut oil since i am allergic to all nut oils.

I apply geranium to my wrists each morning! Hope you learned a little something new. Stay tuned for a new oil each week.


Did you know that I cohost a podcast! And the Midwest Farm Wives Podcast Ep 55 is live listen to it here>

This workout from my coach Cait! Only 12 minutes long!

Cedar O Mop- Makes mopping maybe more fun? But definitely easier! I use hot water and a 1/4 tide laundry detergent. Linked below.

I hope you enter this week grateful and with a sense of your worth. Practice embracing your role and really being where your feet are. If you are folding laundry find something to be thankful for in it. If you are delivering field meals, find joy in your time doing that and providing for others. If you are in the field, be present and don’t cast worry on what you aren’t getting done somewhere else. Have a great week and chat with you next Monday.

Xoxo Whit

Hey girl⬇️

So you “only” deliver meals to field in harvests? Lady. Fed tummies are happier and more apt to work harder! Thank you!
So you “only” run grain cart? I mean have ya ever ran a combine and been without, that role MATTERS!
So ya “just” chased your older kids in sports so they have someone in the stands that loves them? Friggin kuddos yo you!
Supper was “just” chicken nuggets. Last time I checked that’s a great quick protein. And fed is fed! Bravo!
You “only” sat in an office and worked on books all day. Way to go!
So you “just” went to your off the farm job. What?! Your job there matters big I’m sure of it, the farm knows that!
So you were “just” in survival mode today with your kids while you’re husband is in the field? Uhhh.. they’re alive breathing and I’m sure if they got asked by any stranger love you as big as the sky! Good job lady! 🤟🏻
But you “only” got to half of your to do list? Hmmm there’s tomorrow right? Good job!
You failed in several ways today? Well don’t we all? Grace and the hopes of a better tomorrow sis ❤️
And you “just” have enough energy to get everyone to bed and be done for the day? Well I’m proud you gave it your all and are able to feel exhaustion, you’re alive friend find some amazing gratitude in that, not everyone gets another day here . ❤️
We need to stop our “just and only” talk and start embracing our roles and what we’re able to do. Don’t let the accomplishments of women on the gram or your town friend shadow what you ARE DOING
I’m just here to tell ya today, I’m proud of you. I may not know what all you got done or how little you accomplished but I know you need to hear I’m proud of you regardless. Offer yourself some grace on the hard days and kick ass on the good ones 🤘🏼I know there was some good today no matter how small or big, lean into those feelings most
As we enter harvest for so many states, please don’t waste an ounce of energy comparing to another farm girl. You be famous to your family and your operation in the way that works for you, that’s all that really matters! #famoustomyfamily

Let it go, let it go!

If you’re here for homesteading advice today… this is all I have⬇️
My garden got way out of hand and i can grow pig weeds taller then my best zucchini plant. I was so stressed about it. Summer has truly been insanely busy and went so fast, my garden got put on the back burner and wasn’t deemed top of my importance list, and you know what? That’s ok.
It’s ok to fall behind and have to prioritize what’s more important in your life at that time or in the season you are in
We gave a lot of time to 4h and fair this summer and it made the too of the list. Falling behind doesn’t make you a failure. It means you’re human
I tend to think I can do it all and please everyone in my life. I can’t and its exhausting to try if I’m being 100% honest
So this week, I’m saying goodbye to my garden and shopping farmers markets for the rest of the summer and im proud to do so!
Let go of the things weighing you down this week. Life’s too precious to sweat the small stuff
I pray you have the best week and spend the rest of summer grateful and where your feet are ❤️🌱

Xoxo Whit

BEEF Matters

I am a fixer
But as a advocate for Ag and fellow farmer, I find it hard to not be able to bridge every gap or explain exactly what we put into this lifestyle and get the same understanding back that we feel
Bridging a gap that the other end may not want to cross is hard

I asked yesterday as farmers why it’s hard to do and these were some responses
Farmers aren’t rich, the loans we rely on and inputs to grow these crops and raise these animals sometimes ends in a break even and no profit. Some years are better than others sure, but we are doing this for something much bigger than a paycheck. We truly love the land, the animals, the work and striving to leave the land better for our children then we found it
The hours of work are endless. We skip vacations, weddings and events to make sure animals are fed, crops are tended to and so many other factors. Sure we chose this life and that’s apart of it. But far too many forget if these sacrifices weren’t made, the food supply and surplus wouldn’t be as affordable as it is. We do this for us, and you
Agriculture is much more than a corn crop or a cow: it’s medicines, it’s biofuels, it’s by products and land management. There’s so many things that come from a crop and an animal other than just a grain and a piece of meat
While we do receive government payments, that doesn’t mean we are doing ok, sometimes that’s simply bailing some out or paying off debts. We as producers would much rather see fair commodity prices and not have to rely on those payments to make farming and ranching work. While sure those payments are nice: the equipment, man power, insurance, cost inputs and so much more drain out accounts much quicker. Again a lifestyle we STRIVE to make work for our families
Gmo, Organic, Conventional, Non conventional: no one is better than the other. There’s so many diverse ways to farm and ranch. And we yes we, as consumers as well are lucky to have such SAFE food regardless of a certain label
And finally carbon emissions. We’re trying y’all. And have came a long ways from 10 or even 5 years ago!

I want to be and do better.
How can we advocate for our industry better with no bitterness yet effectively?⬇️